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A Pitt Christmas Tradition

We all have our own traditions during this time of year. Those special things that let us know it's Christmas time. For some, it's the first snow of the year. Or the sound of the Salvation Army bells. Whatever it is, it's that thing that warms your heart just a bit with memories of Christmas past.

For current Pitt athletic director Steve Pederson (I use the word current loosely as calls for Pederson's head are ramping up as I type this.), Christmas traditions have an entirely different meaning. It's a sad time for Pederson as he always seems to find himself firing and hiring football coaches. Some beloved, some just a flash in the pan, and some were thrown out of the pan before the fire was even lit. The process leaves very little time for true meaning of Christmas. Or something even loosely based on Christmas. Probably the closest thing he gets to a warm feeling this time of year is right after he takes a shot of his favorite bourbon. Because the Panther may not be vicious, but it has a hell of an evil stare.