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WVU Football Attendance Improves In 2011

WVU ranked 32nd in the nation for average football attendance in the 2011 season with a 56,532 per game attendance (up two spots from 34th last year). Attendance overall for 2011 was 395,726, good enough for 30th in the nation among FBS schools (ranked 27th last year, but with lower overall attending). With a stated capacity of 60,000, the attendance numbers work out to 94.2% of possible capacity given the seven game home slate.

This is all despite not even reaching the 47,000 mark in attendance for the Bowling Green game, after which Coach Holgorsen publicly called out the lack of support from the fans. Helping in the attendance capacity percentage especially were the Marshall, Pitt and LSU games, all of which had stated attendance over the 60,000 mark. Obviously, the prevailing opinion is that WVU's attendance should only increase with a more attractive home slate that the Big 12 will provide. Whether or not that schedule will come to fruition in 2012 remains to be seen, pending the lawsuits with the Big East.

HERE is the link for the 2011 NCAA FBS attendance figures. HERE is the 2010 sheet for comparison. And HERE are historical attendance figures for Mountaineer Football throughout its entire history.