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The First Annual Smoking Musket Year End By-Godder Awards

Welcome to the first annual Smoking Musket Year End By-Godder Awards, where we celebrate those who achieved glory (and some dubiousness) on and off the field/court in 2011.

Mueller Athletic Tape Award for Spraining Ankles: Tavon Austin


CERN Award for Best Use of Lasers: Frank Martin - check out Frank during the WVU game last week


Saint Arnold, Patron Saint of Brewing Award: Oliver Luck - for bringing beer to Mountaineer Field

Miller High Life Planking Award: Tino Sunseri - because when it comes down to late in the fourth's Miller time!!!

Mayflower Moving Award: Pitt, Syracuse and WVU - all leaving the Big East behind


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Soup Nazi "No Soup For You" Award: Louisville basketball in the Coliseum

Soup Nazi "No Soup For You, Come Back One Year" Award: Senator Mitch McConnell and Louisville - their last ditch effort to get in the Big 12 went for naught


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Sunoco Low Octane Award: Todd Graham and Pitt - the offense he promised never really took flight


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Giant Sparkler Award for Biggest Flame Out: South Florida - After starting the year off with a bang against Notre Dame, South Florida finished the year in fantastic derp fashion, finding new and interesting ways to lose 7 of their last 8


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Marvel Comics Red Skull Award: Brian Kelly - no words necessary


Lion King Award for "It Doesn't Matter, It's in the Past": Rich Rodriguez - for getting hired for his "last job" again, this time at Arizona


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Tag Body Spray "You're It" Award: Stedman Bailey


FEMA Award for Reactionary Mis-Management: John Marinatto - do I really have to explain?