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The LOL Board Thanks The Seniors

I know last week was senior day, but there was this team I/we really hate in town and they needed to be given the business. Now with that out of the way, we can say thank you to the seniors. Thank you Soraya Aisien-Ogbebor, Don Barclay, Hunter Bittner, Brantwon Bowser, Devon Brown, Josh Contraguerro, Najee Goode, Bruce Irvin, Ricky Kovatch, Willie Millhouse, Julian Miller, Cody Nutter, Steve Paskorz, Tyler Rader, Eain Smith, Chad Snodgrass, Brad Starks, Keith Tandy, Josh Taylor, Casey Vance, Tyler Urban and Coley White! We hope you look back on your time here as the best time of your life.

Thank you for choosing West Virginia at a time of turmoil in the program. You carried us through, even when we openly booed the offensive coordinator (hope you know that wasn't directed at you). Now you're on the cusp of winning a share of the Big East title and a possible BCS bowl birth, and we have but one request.