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Week 11 BlogPoll Ballot

Alternate title to consider, "I'd kick my dog if I had one."  Follow me after the jump for the rationale.

I can't say in good conscience that there is a better team in college football or the AFC West than LSU. I know these things because I'm a Charger fan. Normally, I would punish a team for losing at home. But I can't do that to Alabama. I don't really see that anyone did anything to move ahead of Bama. The way those two teams played, I don't think it really mattered where they played that game Saturday night. We would have gotten the same outcome. To me, there's no doubt that those are the best two teams in college football and at least one professional division.

It makes for an interesting argument as to whether these two teams should be in the championship game. But it's really an argument best made at the end of the conference title games. Besides, there's a pretty healthy fight for the third spot on my ballot between Oklahoma State and Stanford. They each have one major roadblock ahead of them before the season is over. Not including conference title games.

It's a shame that Houston doesn't have anyone worth noting left on their schedule. It would have been interesting to see them against Southern Miss. Penn State and Georgia can't move up another notch until someone above them loses. It does help that they both have a couple ranked teams left on their schedule. But I don't think it's enough for either to move up above the teams ahead of them.

The rest of the poll is bipolar at best. There's just no way to leave Michigan, Nebraska, or West Virginia in the poll. All three lack consistency that goes beyond the bipolar tendencies of the teams above them. And time is running out to correct that.