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The LOL Board Knows Where You Can Get Some Seats

For a game that used to be THE game on our schedule for a couple years, this one has really dropped off. The only redeeming quality it has now is a little cooked up drama. You can't really blame the students. I remember what those five day Halloweekend parties were like. It's just hard to get to the ticket office. I guess Louisville fans are using the same excuse since they're only bringing about 500 fans to the game. Now that's a good reason not to bring your cheerleaders.


As for the Big East, it jumped the Shark a long time ago. But John Marinatto will never, ever jump the giant cheeseburger. If you consider the giant cheeseburger to be a symbol of Marinatto's ability to be proactive, this is especially true. I consider TCU his one shinning moment. But it disappeared like a fart in the wind when they were invited to the Big 12. You almost can't help but think that this was Mike Tranghese's plan all along. Replace yourself with a man that would try to jump a giant cheeseburger on a bike and your legacy is almost certainly guaranteed.