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Stedman Wins The Game Within A Game

Talent exists in many forms and sometimes on many levels. The ability to do what you do well isn't uncommon. There's a fresh class of recruits each year that become that guy all across the country. It doesn't cheapen the title. The admiration we have for those players that come to our university lasts long after their playing days are over. It's one of the things that makes college football so special.

But there's talent, and then there's talent. If your program is lucky enough, sometimes you have an athlete that not only exceeds on the field, but does it with undeniable grace. There's just a wow factor you don't experience very often. West Virginia is blessed with a long and recent history of such men. Earlier, this year we showed you Tavon Austin in the ankle breaking contest. But now we present to you: Stedman Bailey in Le Touchdown de Tag-You're-It.