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Week 14 Big East Rooting Guide

As we wind down to the last week of the season, three teams are still in the race to win the Big East title and BCS bowl bid. Since one of the three is West Virginia, we'll look at what is most important to the Mountaineers first.


We'd rather it didn't come down to a head crushing contest. But as the Mountaineers seem to be playing from behind a lot this year, the above GIF seemed about right. So yes, West Virginia needs to beat South Florida. But we also need Cincinnati to win against UConn. Thus creating a three way tie with West Virginia and Louisville. Since all three are 1-1 against each other, the second tie breaker is the highest ranked team in the BCS.That would most certainly be West Virginia.

If Cincinnati would lose, Louisville would represent the Big East in the BCS bowl. If West Virginia would lose (God forbid), and Cincinnati wins, then the Bearcats would take the crown. If you don't feel comfortable in rooting for Cincinnati, you can always root against Paul Pasqualoni and the Huskies. Because when hasn't that been fun? That game is at noon in Cincinnati if anyone would care to take a bullhorn outside a certain hotel about 3 am Saturday. Wink. Wink.