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Week 14 BlogPoll Ballot

Rationale after the jump.

I can't drop Arkansas too much for that loss. LSU and Alabama are just on a different level than everyone else in college football. It's just not very sporting if you ask me. I didn't mention it last week, but I had a hard time moving Oklahoma State down with the deaths in the athletic program so close to the game. That offense is just incredible, and it's probably enough against everyone else except the two above them.

When I look at Virginia Tech's schedule, I see wins over Miami, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Virginia, and Georgia Tech. And those are the ones I consider quality. Then I look at what Georgia, USC, Oklahoma St., etc. above them have done. Maybe Boise State has an equally poor schedule, but I believe they would beat the Hokies on a neutral field.

Baylor and Kansas State probably got the short end of the stick in this week's poll. It's not so much them as it is the teams above them. I almost didn't put Clemson in this week. I don't know what kind of bender they went on, but they have completely blown a golden opportunity this season. But they have a chance to get some of it back this week against Virginia Tech. I personally would not be upset by this. West Virginia sneaks back in with a close call that shouldn't have been so close. But they showed something in coming back in the second half.