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Backyard Brawl Gamethread: West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Pittsburgh Panthers

It's finally here. After all of the usual buildup, it's time to play the 104th Backyard Brawl on the gridiron. Besides the longstanding rivalry between the two schools, a bit of added friction has been added to the mixture in the form of both schools' first year head coaches. Despite Holgorsen moving around a bit the last few years, he still has managed to cross paths with his current Pitt counterpart in Graham everywhere he went (and usually managed to come out on top). Then they both became head coaches in the same conference in one of the country's oldest rivalries only to have conference realignment bring into question the future of the series.

But despite any and all subplots, this is still the Brawl, Pitt vs. WVU, Panthers vs. Mountaineers. If history has taught us anything, especially in the last 5 years, records, momentum and any other rationale you can come up with can be thrown out the window. Televised coverage is being provided by ESPN beginning at 7 pm. So, sit back, relax, put your feet up, grab your favorite tasty beverage or 11, spend the game with us and leave your running commentary, random observations, snark, wit, wisdom, hopes, fears, cheers and jeers in the comments section below.

And, as always...