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Things The Smoking Musket Is Thankful For

Since it's the annual time of year that we pause to give thanks, we thought it would be nice to list some of the things that we here at the Smoking Musket are thankful for (in no particular order). I know I've overlooked MANY, so please add to the list in the comments section.

We're Mountaineers


We're bound by a bond not completely understood by those outside, try as we might to explain it to them. Whether born here or simply attended school here...Once a Mountaineer, ALWAYS A MOUNTAINEER!!!

Huggs Came Home

All he's done since he came home is get WVU to the NCAA's every year, win the biggest, baddest, toughest league tournament and bring WVU it's second Final Four appearance ever. And he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Oliver Luck Came Home


Luck made it known early in his tenure as Director of Athletics at WVU that just being ok wasn't acceptable at WVU. The stated goal is to win championships. And there's that little matter of getting WVU out of...well, just see #5.

Holgorsen and his Offense


Yes, it hasn't been as successful as quickly as it was in the last 2 installations, but good Lord is it a welcome departure from the lameassery of Mullenball. The future certainly looks bright.

WVU is saying sayonara to the Big East


We're thankful for the leadership of President Clements and Oliver Luck to get WVU off the sinking ship that is the HMS Big East and into higher revenues and more appealing schedules that await in the Big 12.

Jack Fleming

For years, before widespread televised coverage, Jack Fleming's voice was the only way fans not in attendance could experience a WVU game. And what a picture could that man create with only his voice. We're also forever thankful for his mother instilling his hate of Pitt into him.

Don Nehlen


Nehlen got to WVU right as it was entering a new era with a new Mountaineer Field and led the Mountaineers to unprecedented success. His $500 logo may be one of the greatest single investments in history. 2 undefeated regular seasons and a Hall of Fame career later, we're glad to call the old quarterback from Bowling Green one of our own. Which leads to...

Hanging the most points ever on Joe Paterno in 1988


I couldn't get a good screen grab of the scoreboard itself, but it read 51-30. No Joe Paterno coached team has ever given up as many as Major Harris and the 1988 Mountaineers put on them.

Doug Flutie, 0-4 vs. WVU


He still talks about this, even recently.

The Dynamic Duo


White and Slaton were arguably the best rushing QB/RB tandem ever, and certainly one of the fastest. They led WVU yet again to unprecedented heights and win totals.

A Certain Runaway Beer Truck

The video speaks for itself. But speaking of beer...

Beer at Milan Puskar Stadium

Now it's legal

Victoria's Secret models


One in particular, yes. But, who among us isn't made just a little bit happier when we reach the bottom of the S/T each day?

This online community of ours that is The Smoking Musket

Not to get mushy, but thanks to Charley for entrusting this to me, the great group of guys we have on staff and especially each and every one of our readers (whether you're a regular commenter or not). Without you guys, we would probably still do this to amuse ourselves, but you all make it that much more fun and worth while. Thanks again!

and last, but not least: