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Smoking Musket Hate Index: Backyard Brawl Edition


The Hall of Hate is for a truly despicable Pitt that is worth hating for the ages. Vote for the Pitt you hate most.

Last Editon's Relegation: Pitt

  • Pitt (7 weeks in a row)
  • Pitt (4)
  • Pitt (2)
  • Pitt (1)

This Week's Additions:

Pitt - from Jack Fleming's Mom:

"Son, that's Pitt. You hate Pitt now. You hate Pitt tomorrow. You hate Pitt until the day you die. After that, you will hate Pitt for eternity."


Lowest vote total gets Pitt relegated/eliminated from the big board. Lasting 11 weeks in a row gets Pitt an entry into the Hall of Hate. It's your votes and nominations for Pitt that count. Get to voting and post your nominations for Pitt in the comments section (if a previous nomination of yours didn't get picked up, try again). Creative and recommended nominations for Pitt are more likely to be posted on the board. Make your nominations for Pitt known below!!