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Big East Rooting Guide

Thanks Rutgers
Thanks Rutgers

A lot of things still need to happen for the Mountaineers to get into a BCS bowl. Not the least of which is a victory this Friday against Pitt. As I type this I can't help but think back to the two conference losses for the Mountaineers this year. It just makes me want to haul off and kick something important. Just to be spiteful to it's importance. As if that would somehow make it okay.

The idea that we have to rely on another Big East team for our BCS future isn't much better. But that's where we are at. Four teams are still in contention for the Big East title and the BCS bid. So let's jump into the particulars and fire up the rally monkey for what should be a very important week of Big East football.

At the top of the list is Louisville. They end their regular season at South Florida this Friday at 11am. Whoever scheduled this game deserves a Christmas card from us. A Louisville win almost eliminates West Virginia from the Big East's BCS bowl bid. So um, let's go Bulls! If Louisville would win, they would still need another Cincinnati loss to win the Big East.  If Louisville wins, we would then need Cincinnati to win out to create a multiple tie and have the dominoes fall in WVU's favor.

Rutgers lost regular season games to the Mountaineers and Louisville. So their only hope is for both to lose one more game. They beat Cincinnati last week and hold that tie-breaker over the Bearcats.

Cincinnati has gone from front runner to needing the most help in the last two weeks. The loss of Collaros was a bad break literally and figuratively. If they win out their last two games, they still need West Virginia and Rutgers to lose once.

With all that said, we still need this to happen.