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WVU vs. Rutgers: A Unit-By-Unit Look At The Mountaineers Victory Over The Scarlet Knights

It was another fall Saturday and Manhattan's favorite team was ready for a marquee college football game featuring a ranked opponent that has owned them in recent years.  One team is coming off an embarrassing conference loss, while the other is looking to take a major step in its program's history.  Yes, Oklahoma and Kansas State did battle in Manhattan, Kansas and as usual Oklahoma killed 'em.

What?  You thought I was talking about WVU v. Rutgers?  Please, there hasn't been a marquee Big East game since '07.  Also, people living in Manhattan couldn't care less about Rutgers.  They are too busy walking around in skinny jeans and buying frappe latte smoothies that include some fancy berry I don't think actually exists.

I think that was pretty clever what I did right there.  I tricked you fools into thinking I was talking about Saturday's game at Rutgers.  I wish our defense would come up with something clever like that to stop opposing teams from scoring so much.  Oh well, maybe this Saturday they will have more luck.

Overall: B-
We played well based on the conditions and emotion of the game.  Eric LeGrand leading Rutgers on the field was an emotional boost for them.  It helped them come out like gang busters and they play great football in the first half. Luckily for us our offense and defense kicked into gear. 

I'm still concerned about our lack of ability to put together a complete game.  It is frustrating to sit and watch us struggle for so long.  My heart can't take much more of this roller coaster ride.

Offense: B    
We were "solid" all game.  It is weird calling a team that puts up 41 points solid and not great.  However, I'm totally jaded and want to see fireworks and quick scores like the Tavon Austin 80 yard TD run on every play.  Is that so much to ask?

Geno Smith: C
I hope Geno's touchdown run is the catalyst for him to get back his confidence.  He looked lost out there at times and threw some terrible balls.  I don't know what has gotten into him recently, but he needs to continue to improve.  He has stayed at the same level as his freshmen year, luckily that level is pretty damn good.

Tavon Austin: A
The cold and snow had little to no effect on his speed and cutting ability.  He flew past the defense on two long touchdowns.  The scary part about our offense is that he may be the second best receiver behind Stedman Bailey.

Defense: C+
Luckily in the second half we remembered tackling and covering receivers helps stop them from scoring touchdowns.  It is a mystery to me how Syracuse and Rutgers put up so many points on us.  From Casteel's comments after the game and earlier this week, he seems at a loss on why the defense is performing so poorly too.  We could be in for some tight games the rest of the way if our defense does not step up their game.

Special Teams: B
The punting by Molinari was amazing and helped our defense out a lot by putting them inside the 20 yard line four times.  Kick-off coverage was again shaky and Bitancurt can't miss any more extra points.  Hopefully, this is the only year that the ghost of Bill Stewart will haunt our special teams.