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Game Thread: West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Alcorn State Brave(hawk)s

Tonight the Mountaineers try to bounce back from their Tuesday night defeat against the Alcorn State Braves or Bravehawks, depending on where you look (they're trying to do away with the derogatory Native American connotations). One thing to look for especially is how the freshman bounce back and if they've learned anything from the other night. Alcorn St. isn't Kent St. by any means, but if there is near as many turnovers and missed free throws this game (not just by freshman) bodes for a VERY LONG season.

The only televised coverage available is on ESPN3, so if you're already watching on your computer, you may as well spend your evening commenting along with us. Or you could get kind of fancy and hook your computer up to your TV. Either way, sit back, get comfortable, grab some tasty beverages and bring your best running commentary, random observations, snark, wit, one liners, sarcasm, bitching and moaning to share with us in the comments below.

And, as always...