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Dana Holgorsen, Freshmen Mountaineer Ballers and Big East Refs: Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoe

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This was my absolute favorite time of the year. I had November 11 through November 29 circled on my calendar for a long time. However, it is probably not for the reasons you may think.

I love that there are college games, whether it is basketball or football, every night of the week.  Sometimes though, it can get to be a little tiring watching only sports. That is why November 29 is a day of rejuvenation for me. I will take a break from watching feats of athletic achievement to tune into the greatest show on earth.

Yes, I'm speaking of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Even Keith Jackson would take a break from college football season to give a hearty WHOOA Nelly about the beautiful ladies stomping across the stage. 

After getting that joyfulness out of my system it is time to unleash the rage...


After Holgorsen's decision to kick a 47 yard field goal, into the wind, instead of punting or going for it on 4th and 6 went terribly wrong, I hope he starts to gamble. He needs to be consistently aggressive and not rely so much on special teams. Personally I think he should go for it on any 4th and 4 or less. The way our field goals and punts have gone this season, the chance for converting outweighs the chance for utter catastrophe.


Oh man, it is going to be a long season for our Mountaineer basketball team. These freshmen are extremely talented, but the amount of basketball knowledge Huggins has put into their heads has them thinking rather than playing. I'm not blaming Huggs at all because getting these young guys "basketball smart" will pay off long term. We just need to get ready for some short term pain.


I have seen some bad Big East officiating in my 85 years of watching Mountaineer sports...Oh wait, it is has only been about 30 years it only feels like 85 because yelling at Big refs has taken so many years off my life. Anyway, Saturday's officiating performance was one for the record books. This is off the top of my head so don't sue me if I get it wrong. Of the 18 penalties called only 3 were against Cincinnati. We had holding called 6 times. As Dana said, you could call holding on every play, call it both ways. If this game was any indication, expect a lot more "You're leaving for the Big 12 flags."


When someone parks in the middle of two spots in a full parking lot, you should be able to deflate at least one of their tires. Bad driving is one thing, but bad parking is not excusable. You could take an extra 5 seconds to back-up and pull into the spot correctly. It is almost Christmas season so this serves as a public service announcement to all you idiots out there. Park correctly or check your tires.


I hate Pitt. I really hate Pitt. We cannot lose this Backyard Brawl as it will likely be the last one for the foreseeable future. Let's Goo Mountaineers!!