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WVU vs. Cincinnati: A Unit-By-Unit Look At How The Mountaineers Slipped Past The Bearcats

Most people don't follow me on twitter because I'm not funny, witty or very intelligent. If you do follow me, however, you know that I had a mini freak-out during the first two possessions of Saturday's game.  What I said was basically that we are a bad football team and we may never win another game, ever. 

While I think we win one of our next two games, I do not see us as being a good football team. In many ways, I don't see much difference between a Bill Stewart coached team and our current Mountaineers. Bad special teams, untimely turnovers, a general lack of enthusiasm and mental mistakes.

While I have more faith in Holgorsen than I ever did in Stew, this team has a lot of room for improvement and I hope it happens soon. 

Overall:   C
It took an incredible effort play by Eain Smith to secure WVU's 24 - 21 victory over Cincinnati. I hope this effort and the emotion shown afterwards carries over to remainder of the season. If so, we can win out and head to a BCS game. 

The final play was a microcosm of the game. We saw emotion and max effort from some players. If we can see those two things in from our entire team I see great things in our future. I hate to put too much blame on Stew, but changing from a guy that seemed to hate emotion and swagger to a guy that wants to see it, has to be awkward. No matter what we need more of what we saw Saturday. 

Offense: C-
Frustrating from play from an extremely talented group of players. Geno Smith missed on some easy passes. Our receivers dropped multiple passes with big play potential. Our offensive line couldn't even fall in front guys to slow them down at times. 

Holgorsen needs to do something to get this group on the same page because what we are very close to being really scary on offense.

Rushing: F
We ran for only 52 yards, excluding Geno Smith's negative yardage due to sacks. That total has a direct correlation to our low passing yardage total. If we can't run the ball, Geno Smith is going to have a tough time finding receivers against a zone defense because our line can't block.

Defense: C+
The defensive line stepped and got consistent pressure on the quarterback. That pressure lead to two turnovers and one touchdown on defense. The unit still showed an inability to tackle at times, but it was much improved from what we saw against Syracuse and Louisville.

It is a C+ because I don't think we do as well if Collaros doesn't go down to injury.

Special Teams: D+
Two positives: 1) Kick-off coverage 2) Blocked field goal. Gotta improve

Coaching: B
Whatever Holgorsen did last week as a head coach worked. The players that made the trip truely seemed like they wanted to be there and that they wanted to win. Casteel cured many of the ills that plagued us in prior weeks. Things are looking up. However, things go horribly wrong very quickly. A loss to Pitt, in what could be the last Backyard Brawl in many years, officially means the honeymoon is over.