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Road To The Big East Title

...more importantly for West Virginia, the road to a BCS bowl game. For what has been an up and down year for the Mountaineers, a BCS bowl game would be a nice high to end the season on. More importantly than that, with the number of players coming back next year it would help to secure a high ranking for next year. Because as we've seen all too often, if you start too low you just never get there. Before I get ahead of myself, the first thing that needs to happen is...


If we don't win out, this is all just make believe. But considering we do, we only need Cincinnati and Louisville to lose one more game each. To get the outright title, Cincinnati would have to lose twice and Rutgers once. The Bearcats face Rutgers and Syracuse on the road and end the season at home against UConn. Louisville ends the season against South Florida and UConn. Both on the road. Rutgers has Cincinnati at home then away to UConn. Scenarios for other teams linked below.

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