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WVU vs. Big East Lawsuit: The Upwardly Mobile Force vs. The Totally Resistible Object


This lawsuit is a stroke of genius by WVU.  We strike the first blow and make the Big East look absolutely inept in the national media.  A move such as this would never happen without the leadership and foresight by Oliver Luck and Jim Clements.  They both just gave the D-X crotch chop to the Big East in front of the sports world. 

The size of cajones on Luck and Clements is astronomical.  This dynamic duo is strongly leading WVU into the top-tier of college sports and academics. 

Whether the legal aspects of this suit have a chance in hell of success is superfluous because there is a 99% chance that this lawsuit will never see the courtroom.  In my opinion, as someone that is not even a lawyer, but went to law school, this was an effort by WVU to make the Big East get serious about negotiating a buy-out of the 27-month waiting period. 

All we know is that Marinatto is the most inept leader in the history of college athletics.  That history includes the likes of Dan Beebe, Steve Kragthorpe and Bill Stewart, so we are not facing a titan of industry by any means.

One thing that does worry me is that this lawsuit has very little legal merit, but I'm not even a lawyer.  Having said that though, after a quick read, I think the strongest argument lies in the first argument, "Breach of Fiduciary Duties to Football Schools."

To anyone that has been paying attention to this situation, the Big East basketball schools, at the behest of Notre Dame, have been running the show since the initial ACC raid.  The league only added Marquette and DePaul to solidify the power of Notre Dame in running the conference.

While every BCS league looked to expand the Big East offices put their heads in the sand and ignored the constant talk of expansion.  The only proactive step the league took was multiple attempts to raise the exit fee.  How was that move anything other than Notre Dame and the basketball schools trying to screw the football schools?

Anyway, this diatribe is getting long, so let me wrap it up here.  Marinatto, at every step of the process, allowed the basketball schools to dictate what happened with football expansion.  Sure adding TCU was a good move for the Big East.

However, if you don't think the "C" in TCU played a big part in adding that team, I think you're lying to yourself.  Notre Dame knew it could control the TCU vote and thus expansion was over.  There were teams practically begging to get into the Big East, UCF, but Marinatto sat idly by and did almost nothing to ultimately help make the football teams more money.

His moves were directly against the fiduciary best interest of the football playing members of the Big East.  There were opportunities to expand and better the Big East in football. 

Against anyone else, the Catholic schools would simply ask the help of Notre Dame Jesus, and they would likely win.  However, West Virginia is "Almost Heaven" and we've set-up a road block to their prayers, so they are going to need to win this one on their own.