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Hey Louisville, Morgantown Isn't So Bad

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 The news that Louisville will not be sending their Cheer and Dance teams to Morgantown this Saturday for safety issues is a bunch of crap. In my mind, it's just a jilted ex-lover going out of their way to make the other ex-lover look bad. Believe me, we know something about jilted ex-lovers.

The idea that Morgantown is any worse a place to visit than any other college football town is silly on a lot of levels. Mostly because WVU doesn't own the market on stupid drunk people. You can find those types pretty much everywhere. As someone that's gone to quite a few road games, I can say that you have to be ready to defend yourself everywhere you go. Except Mississippi State. Those folks were wonderful to us. But I bet if I had looked hard enough, I would have found someone that wanted to fight me because of the clothes I was wearing.

If anything, WVU developed a bad reputation a long time ago. So every time anything negative happens in Morgantown it turns into a "see, I told you so" moment. The key to visiting Morgantown or any college football town is to not walk past a house full of drunk 18-year-olds wearing your school colors. Five minutes of research can usually help you accomplish this. But what you've done by signaling to the world that Morgantown is not a safe place for your fans or cheerleaders, is you've put a bulls-eye on every fan that does come to Morgantown this weekend. Because if you call someone an A-hole, they're probably going to be an A-hole to you every time they see you. My own suggestion to Mountaineer fans is that you kill them with kindness. Be so over-the-top nice to Cardinal fans that they kind of resent you for it. Sometimes, it's mind games.

Terry Tate mind games.wmv (via netolanetacabrones)

Poor fan behavior shouldn't be accepted in Morgantown or anywhere else for that matter. It seems like an issue college football has been fighting for as long as I can remember. But in this post 9/11 world, I'd like to think we could all find a way to come together as Americans and stop all this pettiness.