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LOL Board Has Thoughts On UConn's Coach


When you get fired so they can bring in Greg, that has to say something about you.  Sure, it says a lot about the folks calling the shots.  Because they certainly aren't blameless.  But that just can't do anything good for your morale.

There was a time when Paul Pasqualoni was considered a pretty good head coach.  But then Donovan McNabb had to go and graduate.  It was just a slow slide into mediocrity from there.  Syracuse had no idea mediocrity tasted so good, though.  But like everything else, you have to go there to get here.  West Virginia had to live with some uncomfortable moments to get to where we are.  But we're better off now.  As is Syracuse.  But we can only wonder about UConn.

Watching the video for Pasqualoni's introduction as the new head coach, I stopped to think about why he holds so many records as a Big East head coach.  The sad truth is it's either up or out for the coaches in this conference.  You either get a big job somewhere else, or you become defensive coordinator for Rodriguez.

This was a bad hire for UConn.  A program that should be moving in a positive direction with a young coach, full of the energy it takes to build on the success Edsall had.  When I take off my Mountaineer tinted glasses, this was a program we all wanted to succeed.  At least on some level so the Big East didn't become watered down even more after the ACC raid.  For the most part, they fulfilled those expectations.  I mean, BC hasn't gone to a BCS bowl yet.  But this hire didn't do anything other than weaken the Big East a little.