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The Smoking Musket Hate Index: Volume IX


What feedback we received for the new format seems positive, so we'll stick with it for the time being. The lowest vote receiving item will be removed from the board the next week. Any item that lasts eleven consecutive weeks will get elevated to the Hall of Hate. If there is a tie for lowest, multiple things are then voted off. They will be replaced by multiple nominations from the comments section. If there are not enough nominations, the staff will offer nominations to fill out the board. We'd rather not resort to that, so give us your best nominations in the comments for something new to hate.


Last Editon's Relegation: Tremain Mack

  • Dec 1, 07/13-9 (9 consecutive weeks)
  • Marvin Graves (9)
  • Marcus Vick (7)
  • Frank Beamer (4)
  • Michael Vick (1)
  • John Marinatto (1)

This Week's Additions: Kellen Winslow and Chuck Landon