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WVU vs. Bowling Green Grades: A Unit-By-Unit Look At The Mountaineers Win Over The Falcons

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It was a week where the WVU football team put together its most complete game to date.  Will the grades be high to reflect that effort?  Most of them do.  Let's take a look:

Offense:  A+
Another record setting day at Mylan Puskar Stadium, even in cold and wet conditions.  Balance was finally achieved with a knockout running game for the first time to compliment the passing game.

Running Backs:  A+
WOW!  Welcome to the party Dustin Garrison.  When his stats were shown up on the ribbon board 3/4-way through the second quarter I thought they had to be his season/career numbers.  Little did I know.  Shawne Alston is becoming a nice power contributor here as well.

Quarterbacks:  A
Geno was solid and effective, throwing for "only" 238 yards, but 3 touchdowns on a day where throwing wasn't really all that necessary.

Receivers:  A
Another 100 yard receiving game from Stedman Bailey this week. This gives WVU seven 100 yard receivers through 5 games.

Offensive Line:  A+
The much maligned offensive line worked together marvelously this past weekend, opening up huge lanes for the runners and giving Geno plenty of time.

Defense:  A
4 turnovers generated and only 217 yards allowed makes for a banner day on defense against a team that is used to generating plenty of offense.

Special Teams:  C
Shanked punt (again) and several long returns allowed on kickoffs.

Discipline:  B+
Only 1 penalty for 10 yards on the day.

Crowd:  D
Yes, it was cold and wet, but like Coach Holgorsen just said a few minutes ago, we only get 7 chances a year to see this team play at home.  The attendance was pitiful a week after it may have been at its best.  Those in attendance were fairly loud, louder than the numbers probably should have generated.