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J.T. Thomas, West Virginia University

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WVU has had it's fair share of linebackers over the years who were stalwarts for WVU's defense on the field, and J.T. Thomas certainly fits into that category. He was an anchor for the Mountaineers for three years and then went on to be drafted by the Chicago Bears in the most recent NFL Draft. But, J.T. truly stands out for something he did off the field this past spring (as we chronicled before).

J.T. has an especially soft spot in his heart for children with disabilities due to the fact that his little brother Jared is autistic. He found out about a young lady who rode the same bus as his little brother who is a HUGE Bears fan. Joslyn Levell was born with spina bifida, a condition that confines her to a wheelchair, and was having bit of trouble finding someone to accompany her to the 8th grade prom.

J.T. surprised Joslyn with a Bears hat one day that he signed when the bus stopped to pick up his brother and spent some time getting to know her. She told him about her prom situation and J.T. decided he needed to do something. After clearing it with the school officials, J.T. called and asked Josyln if he could accompany her to the prom.

"I came to see her on that bus because I heard she was a die-hard Bears fan," Thomas said before the prom. "This is just about her being happy. Although that dance might last two or three hours, she might have something to remember for the rest of her life. Anytime that you can affect someone's life positively like that, why not?

"How brave of her to ask me; she has no idea," he added. "I'm just as nervous as her about going to the prom. The thing is, we're all the same people, and that's what I want to stress to her and everybody else."

J.T. just wanted to make one "cool little girl" happy for one night so she could always remember it fondly, but wound up making at least two fan-bases extremely proud.

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