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WVU vs. Syracuse Grades: A Unit-By-Unit Look At The Mountaineers Loss To Syracuse

Last night in this space I wrote how it was nice to have the conference affiliation mess behind us.  Now we can finally focus on our team and their talent or lack thereof.

Then I wake up from my beauty sleep (I don't need much) to an announcement from WVU that the press conference announcing we are members of the Big 12 is on hold.  Now the Big 12 is asking for "more information."  I can only assume Louisville sent the Big 12 commish a game tape of Syracuse demolishing us two years in a row and the conference became leery of our status as the Big East "powerhouse."

Overall:  F
You can't really grade a team that did not try.  At least I hope they did not try because that was one of the worst football performances by a good football team.  Actually, that might be too kind to WVU's performance on Friday night.

Coming off a bye-week our performance and effort was completely not acceptable.  Heck, coming off a short week it was not acceptable.  Our defense looked lost on almost every single play.  Our offense looked as if they were not expecting any blitzes.  Our special teams was yet again inept.
I hope this was not a sign of things to come for this football team because this conference realignment is stuff is not going away anytime soon.

Offense:  F
The one game where we need our offense to save our defense, we come out completely flat.  There isn't much more to say.  We sucked.

Geno Smith:  F
Last year was bad, but to me this effort was ten times worse. Now we have an offensive coach that actually calls plays that have worked. He was late on throws, yet again. He held the ball too long and did not make the correct pre-snap reads.

Offensive Line:  F
What did Geno do or say to our linemen in the days leading up to the game?  They let him get hit late the entire game.  You would think after the third late hit they would knock a defender on their ass to teach them a lesson, but no.  They let the Syracuse D bruise Geno all night long.

Defense:  [NULL SET]
You can't grade a unit that didn't show up.

Special Teams:  F
We have allowed three kick return touchdowns this year.  We didn't even do that when Smilin' Bill was "coaching" special teams.  Actually, I blame this all on Bill.  He completely brainwashed our speical teams players with nonsensical ramblings and they are forever scared.


At the end of the day this loss sucks, but going into the season we were realistically looking at a 10-2 regular season record.  We are on track for that if we win out.  Of course, I said that last year and our coach basically ended up getting fired.