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Week 9 BlogPoll Ballot

Bumping LSU back up to the top spot because I thought they would have a let down against Auburn. They most certainly didn't. Bama had a let down against Tenness in the first half. But did what they do in the second half.

I can say this about Oklahoma, we feel your pain. The only advantage for West Virginia fans, we had an extra day to drink it off.

This was the first time I was really impressed with Stanford this year. Enough to move them up four spots and enough to believe it isn't all on Andrew Luck's broad shoulders. I mean 446 yards rushing against anyone is something special. Back to the drawing board for Washington.

Wisconsin's loss wasn't as bad as Oklahoma. At least in the sense that Michigan St. had a much better resume than Texas Tech coming into the weekend. Texas Tech had a couple close losses the last two weeks. I don't think this alone is enough to move them into the top 25.

Thank you Houston, it may not have seemed like much to you, but it meant the world to us. We hope to be running at that efficiency some day soon. But we plan on giving our defense a bit more of a break.

Georgia and Penn St. just keep slothing their way up the poll. Nothing flashy, just enough. I thought Notre Dame could win this game or at least make it interesting. I was wrong. If it seems like I'm pointing out a lot of my mistakes, guess which one I got right? I'm going to have to take the blindfold off when I'm throwing darts from now on.

I can't blame Auburn. All the teams they lost to are in my top ten. I'd take them over anyone outside the top 25 on a neutral field.