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Week Six BlogPoll Ballot

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I still think LSU and Bama are heads and shoulders above everyone else. I was probably too hard on WVU and Arkansas for losing to these two last week.

Wisconsin has been a hard one to nail down until this weekend. Their best win to this point had been Oregon St. Teams like Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Virginia Tech had basically not played anyone. So if you ranked them anywhere, it was on reputation. I'm just glad the one I believed in the most turned out to be the real deal. The other two have some issues to fix.

I guess since I didn't move Clemson up from last week that I had them too high. You really do deserve some kind of prize for going into Blacksburg and winning convincingly. I guess believing in them early will have to be that reward. I can't wait for the Georgia Tech-Clemson game. The scoreboard might break.

I can't believe I have Illinois in here. There's no way you can't put them in at this point after beating ASU and still being undefeated.

Let's keep an eye on Washington. That wasn't a pretty loss against Nebraska, but they seem to have turned it around the past couple weeks with wins over Cal and Utah.