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Under The Headset With West Virginia And Syracuse

Scene: Pre-game at the Carrier Dome before the kickoff of the WVU-Syracuse game.

Okay guys, let's be sharp out there and end this one quick and then...

Check one-two, I'm looking at me are you looking at you? Breaker-breaker, it this thing on?

Who is that? Get off this channel! We got a game to play here.

Hey Dana! It's your old pal, Bill Stewart.

What in the...I just can't believe this.

I know! Ain't it cool? Bill. It isn't.

Okay, big game guys. Let's turn this season around! Now, I want...

Aw! Who the hell is this?

Sounds like my old buddy Dandy Doug Marrone.

Whoa! Who is this? You will refer to me as coach Marrone. Who's in charge of the headsets in this place?

Hey coach. It's coach Holgorsen. Seems like there's a problem with who they let in today. If you hear another voice, just ignore him. It's Stewart. Somehow he got hold of one of the headsets. I'd say just get some security and have them look for a guy that looks like he has no business with a headset on.


Yeah Dana, I'll get this taken care of....

Gerg5_medium Doooo de dooo de doooo. I got a lot of want to, doooo de doooo. Wow! This almost feels like a real headset.

That doesn't sound like Stew.

Gerg5_medium Hey Doug, It's Greg Robinson. I'm just walking around outside the dome. Sure does bring back a lot of good memories.

Oh, hey Gerg. Yeah, like ten good memories in four years. Too bad you don't coach baseball, huh?

Hey Gerg.

Hey Gerg.

It's Greg! Not Gerg. Why do people call me that?

Whatever you say, Gerg. Look coach Holgorsen, I'll let the security know about this and get the headset thing straightened out and we can get this thing moving.

I can't believe you guys treat me this way. What did I do?

Letting me beat you with Gerg's recruits ring any bells?


HEY! I just figured out what you said and it is not funny.

Actually, It's really funny...GERG!

Meanwhile, back at Big East headquarters John Marinatto shares his plans for the conference with the basketball only school presidents...

Jmheadset_medium So what I want to do is to drive out the good football teams with this next TV deal, if they haven't already left, and then convince Rutgers and Pitt to go back to 1-AA. That way we can form a new football conference that won't get in our way to basketball glory. Say, are you guys sure I have this on right?

Yes sir, that's perfect. Just hold still.