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Week 8 BlogPoll Ballot

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I really find it hard to distinguish between Alabama and LSU. At this point, I think Bama's offense is a sliver better than LSU and the defenses are equal.

I'm giving Clemson the benefit of the doubt after a lackluster performance against Maryland. Arkansas has played three straight ranked opponents. Stanford hasn't played any. So I moved the Razorbacks up.

I want to move Oregon up, but they didn't look very dominating against Arizona St. It's not their offense, they did that with their backup quarterback and running back. The defense just isn't there.

Kansas St. remains an enigma of sorts in that they have only played one ranked team. But they keep on winning.

Lastly, we have a JoPa sighting. Winning ugly is their business, and business is good.

What do you agree with?  What changes should we make?