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UConn, Randy Edsall, And The Cutting Room Floor

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One of the things that was kicked around last week but never fully developed was the love/hate relationship with UConn.  The hate or dislike is easy enough because they are a conference rival.  I don't know that you could ever love or even like a conference rival.  But when I think of UConn, I can point to a couple of instances where they hold a special place.

The murder of Jasper Howard was awful.  But it did provide us with the opportunity to show some compassion as a fanbase.  Even if just for a second, we were able to comfort a team and a school that went through a horrible episode.  The loss to UConn last year was the beginning of the end for Bill Stewart as coach at WVU.  So I guess we can thank them for that.  Also, like UConn we lost our coach to another school.  So we can sympathize.

While I may never like you, UConn.  I do hope you get to throw that egg for real some day if it makes you feel better.  Me personally, I still take issue with the way Rodriguez left WVU.  When I tie that together with they way I personally saw him kiss and make up with WVU boosters after the Alabama episode, I can certainly understand why the Huskey would want to throw an egg or ten at Edsall.