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Smoking Musket Hate Index: Volume X

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Hate Index X
Hate Index X

We have 2 more items on the verge of the Hall of Hate. I'm certain of the one qualifying, but will Marvin last another week? This week's newcomer isn't so much hated as a WVU fanbase, but hated across the nation amongst college football fanbases, sportswriters and especially bloggers (and don't forget Mike Leach).


Last Editon's Relegation: Kellen Winslow, Jr.

  • Dec 1, 07/13-9 (10 consecutive weeks)
  • Marvin Graves (10)
  • Marcus Vick (8)
  • Frank Beamer (5)
  • Michael Vick (2)
  • John Marinatto (2)
  • Chuck Landon (1)

This Week's Additions: Craig James (#RememberThe5) - hated for hiring a PR firm to get Mike Leach fired, still works for ESPN despite this (ESPN subsequently suspended Bruce Feldman for his part in the Mike Leach book) and still is a voting member of the AP College Football Rankings Poll, he does awful color commentating and killed 5 hookers (allegedly).

Lowest vote total gets relegated. Lasting 11 weeks in a row gets the entry into the Hall of Hate. It's your votes and nominations that count. Get to voting and post your new nominations in the comments section (if a previous nomination of yours didn't get picked up, try again).