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WVU vs. UCONN Grades: A Unit-By-Unit Breakdown Of The Mountaineers Victory Over The Huskies

Saturday's game was billed as a "revenge" game for WVU, but to me this game was simply about taking care of business. UCONN is and was a terrible football team that should never be able compete with WVU. Call me elitist or whatever you want, but y'all know it is the truth. UCONN is terrible and we should have beaten them by at least 50 the past two years.

Overall:    B+

Last year, the offensive coaching staff embarrassed the university and the state with its performance against UCONN. During the first half of action it seemed like Mullen"s" and Stew were back at the helm of our Mountaineers. I almost fell asleep the first half was so boring. 

Then Holgorsen got his offense in gear and we couldn't be stopped. In years past this game would've finished 21 - 16. With Holgoresen at the helm, we scored and did not try to stop scoring until there was no time left on the clock. While we need to play an entire game of solid football, Saturday's performance yet again showed that this team can score in bunches.

Offense:   B+

The first half was ugly football. Geno was  struggling to hit his receivers in stride and our receivers dropped some passes that would have kept drives alive. Dustin Garrison and the offensive line came back down to earth. Thankfully Holgorsen, Geno and Stedman got on same page and started dominating. This offense should not score less than 40 points against any team in the Big East. 

This is going to be a fun remainder of the season

Running Game:   C

That might be a little harsh as Garrison averaged 4 yards per carry, but he made a lot of those yards on his own. This line is still struggling to create holes and keep them open long enough for our backs to hit them at full speed. I'm not as worried as others because I think Geno and these receivers can gain a ton of yards no matter how much the opposing defense drops into coverage. 

Geno Smith: A-

I'm nit-picking, but I think this point needs to be made. It appears to me that Geno is late on a lot of his throws down the field. The recievers are often open, but have to make a play on the ball because Geno is late in releasing the ball. Am I alone in this observation and concern?

Defense: A-

Our defensive line was vastly outsized by the UCONN front, but only gave up 82 yards rushing. The unit was also able to constantly pressure "Trick Shot" McEntee and record 5 sacks. While Jeff Casteel is a genius, Kirelawich rotated the defensive front perfectly all game.

Special Teams: B-

Our kick-off coverage was improved, even though UCONN seemed to put two of its most unathletic players back to return kicks. If Tavon Austin starts catching the ball our average field position improves by 15 yards. Michael Mollinari punted well, but he takes too long to kick the ball. Look for more pressure in the coming weeks. 

Crowd: B+

Paid attendance was great. Student attendance was poor and they showed yet again why the should lose at least one section.