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Random Thoughts About Bill Stewart, Rich Rodriguez, Geno Smith and WVU Basketball

Sports writers "clean out their notebook" all the time in their respective papers. I’m not sure if they actually carry notebooks anymore, but it is a great way to take up column space without having to write a coherent article. Since I’m a slacker and constantly look for ways to get by with little or no work, I’m doing a "cleaning out the notebook" column.

This post would normally be titled "Things That Make Me Want To Throw My Shoes," however, I made a New Year’s Resolution to try and control my temper. My success with that resolution lasted all of about 11 hours because of our basketball team’s performance against Marquette, but I’m back on track and looking to better myself.

In that vein, here are some thoughts from my "notebook"...


Bill Stewart needs to step down as WVU’s head coach before the start of the 2011 season. While he is a good man that loves WVU, this coaching situation could not be pulled off by even the most savvy and rational leader. Stewart has no power over his coaches, players or the program in general. He will be getting paid almost a million dollars to stand around and make things incredibly awkward. Stew, please step aside and let the WVU football program move forward without you.


I can honestly say that I feel bad for Rich Rodriguez. He is accustom to having people jeer him at the airport upon leaving a team. This time he will have people cheering him as he leaves Michigan. That has to be tough. Karma’s a bitch. Bitch.


This basketball team needs to learn to play defense. This team couldn't guard the meat drawer in a vegetarians refrigerator. Play defense with your feet not your hands<cough>J Flow<cough>. John Flowers might be the first player since John Oliver to average 5 fouls a game. Of course, he has been victimized by a lot of questionable calls, so it is not all his fault.


Geno Smith's injury is huge news that is being overlooked with all the drama with our head coach and the basketball team's terrible play. The immediate impact is seen with Brian Athey rushing his high school graduation and enrolling at WVU this month, so he can participate in spring practice. The real impact will be seen when Geno takes his first full speed snap in Holgorsen's offense come summer/fall practice. I hope Holgorsen can coach'em up and have him ready for the season. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if we sign a JUCO QB in this class that has some experience outside of high school.


Speaking of recruiting, this year's class will be important, but not a game changer in Holgorsen's tenure at WVU. Holgorsen needs to keep most of our commits, while picking off a few hidden gems here and there. Don't get me wrong, if he pulls out a miracle and moves this class into the Top 25, it will be a huge deal. However, I'm not expecting much because it would be hard for anyone to start in January and improve an already lackluster class. I think we end up in the high 30's or low 40's.


The Big 12 Ten has been terrible this bowl season. Until tOSU, the best team in the Big Ten, lucked out a victory last night over the fourth best SEC team, nobody was talking about the Big East being terrible. The conference will luckily get out of this bowl season smelling like roses unless Pitt screws it all up and loses its bowl game. Good thing I don't really care about the current Big East, so I'll be rooting against Pitt. Let the hate come, WVU's resurgence and TCU will shut everyone up in the years to come.