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The Smoking Musket Podcast: Episode #3 -- We Can't Do Any Worse, Right?

After a hiatus last week due to 5th Year Senior's touch of Ebola, we make our triumphant return to podcasting with the same type of general lackadaisicalness that has marked the first two episodes.

Today's topics: a big win over Cincinnati, the opposite of that against Louisville, Truck's fowl shooting (see what I did there?), National Signing Day (which is capitalized because it's so awesome), and our conscious decision to alienate every listener who is also a Steelers fan.  I have to say, that last part may not have been the brightest on our part.

Right, so if you want to listen to the podcast, you have a myriad of options.  You can 1) subscribe via iTunes, which is your best bet 2) simply hit play below, which seems easier, but I still recommend iTunes 3) you can bookmark the feed location for the podcast.  That's three different options, which I think qualifies officially as a myriad.  If not, surely a plethora.  And if not that, I give up.


Oh, and as you listen, you'll be prompted to give us ideas on a certain bet.  Leave those in the comments (with your suggestions, por favor, since I'm apparently bilingual).