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Capital Classic Game Thread: WVU vs Marshall


(again, I didn't want to dress down the place, bad enough I have to use their name)

It's that day of the year again. The Chesapeake Energy Capital Classic is once again upon us. Huggs leads the men back into Charleston to face the Thundering Herd of Marshall. There's not a whole to say here that hasn't been said already throughout the day. I will say this: Good luck finding this game on tv. This ridiculous annual matchup is at least noteworthy for that. I do know that WJAL (broadcast ch. 68) in Chambersburg, PA, is carrying the game as is on ESPN's Full Court subscription service and ESPN3, if you don't mind the delay (if you know of others, please leave a comment as to the channel). So, grab a beverage and leave your comments, snark, random thoughts and observations below.

And, as always...