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WVU vs. Bye Week: Things That Make Me Want To Throw My Shoe

Peterson must be doing the P90X workouts too!  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Peterson must be doing the P90X workouts too! (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

This should get interesting my friends. After a loss I get pretty riled up and this was a tough loss to swallow. Not that I would know anything about swallowing.

I could complain all day about the blocked field goals or the fact that ESPN delayed televising our game. I mean good lord, not only are Big East teams screwing up our strength of schedule, but they are also keeping us from watching our Mountaineers.

Anyway, it was a busy weekend and I'm pretty angry....


LSU not only beat WVU on the scoreboard Saturday night. They also beat them in swagger and intensity. From the opening kickoff, LSU players were jumping around and strutting after big plays. I know this is generally superfluous anger but it couldn't hurt to strut and show a little more emotion on the field. I know I wouldn't mind seeing Devine strike a pose after scoring a long touchdown. Actually, I would just like to see Devine score a long touchdown.


HCBS was pretty damn angry during his post-game press conference. I don't know if Hickman and Dunlap ate the last cookie at the Puskar last week or what, but HCBS was not happy with their questions.  Both reporters questions were legitimate and touched on key points in the game. HCBS, however, gave both of them the Heisman and moved on to what he felt were more appropriate questions.

Lord knows I'm not the voice of reason, but you cannot handle yourself in that manner during a post-game press conference. There is a fine line between Bob Knight and his normal Uncle Cuddlebutt routine and HCBS did his best Bob Knight impression Saturday night.


I know Chuck Landon reads this site and loves it when we mention him. Because he covers Marshall, writes stories that are 99% untrue and has a lot of pent up frustration at WVU's dominance, I figured I would mention Mr. Landon and make him smile two days in a row. 


As you've probably guessed, I have a bit of road rage at times. The two things I hate the most happened within the span of 2 minutes on Sunday. First, I let someone out and he didn't wave. Is it that hard to say thank you? Then I drove down the street and wanted to pull into a parking lot but some idiot in a Lexus was in a hurry to stop at a red light. In doing that, he blocked the entry to the parking lot. Guess what? You're an asshole. SIGH


Why does everyone keep talking about how the Big East's terrible non-conference performance? Sure, we are 0-5 against Top 25 teams and 1-10 against other BCS teams, but who cares. Maybe if we just keep our mouths shut, nobody else will notice. You know, it is just like when you get caught at a club with another girl by your girlfriends sorority sisters, just keep your mouth shut and nobody finds out. Oh no, we're totally screwed...