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Game Thread (Of Bayou Destiny): #21 WVU vs. #12 LSU


Tonight, the Mountaineers walk into Tiger Stadium -- aka Death Valley -- trying to accomplish something that the last 30 non-conference opponents have failed to do: beat LSU on their own turf.

It's certainly no small task, but WVU has the weapons to get it done. Will they? I could be extremely cliche and say something like, "well, that's why they play the games." But, what I'm really thinking is this: we can get this done. I have been talking myself into that very sentiment most of the day. Of course, the imbibed beers have helped me to that conclusion, but here I am nonetheless.

WVU can win this game. Avoid the big play, don't turn the ball over, and get our playmakers in space -- sounds simple, doesn't it? It's not rocket science, but 30 consecutive teams in our position have come away shaking their heads. Let's not make it 31. Let's start a new streak, one that LSU coaches, players, and fans will be none too happy to start.

So, settle down, grab your favorite brew (or ten of them, in my case), and join us in the game thread. And, as always...