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Saturday Early Games: Beer Is For Breakfast

While trying to (certainly unsuccessfully) pace ourselves, this is what we'll be watching in the early games:

  • Michigan vs. Bowling Green (ESPN2): Michigan fans called the UMass game a "trap game." Riiiight. Bowling Green ain't bad, fellas. They might not get it done, but it will be a lot closer than the four touchdown spread.
  • Boston College vs. Virginia Tech (ESPN3): Look, I know Big East football is bad, but this is a marquee matchup in the ACC. I realize comparing two pieces of feces isn't all that exciting, but don't call us out for being the only turd in the pool.
  • UConn vs. Buffalo (ESPN3): Just kidding. No, seriously, you can't pay me to watch this game. Look, I told you, I don't want your money. Just stop it, you're embarrassing yourself.