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WVU vs. LSU: Things That Make Me Want To Throw My Shoe

After a great performance from our Mountaineers last weekend, there is not much to get pissed off about. Y'all know I get angry on a regular basis, but life is good right now in West Virginia. The weather is perfect, the beer is cold, and the women around me have loose morals. You can't ask for much more.

I have been walking around with a smile on my face and a small banana in my pocket all week. That is until I saw my dog took a dump on my floor last night. That was when a wave of fury came rushing into my head, bringing back some repressed anger from the past few days.

Let the rant begin...


In the off-season, Bill Stewart hired Dave McMichael to help improve our special teams. Right now, Bill Stewart should hire someone to teach him how to properly stand on the sidelines. He has finally started wearing sunglasses, but his sideline demeanor still leaves a lot to be desired. I know it may be trivial, but why do you stand like Mary Katherine Gallagher? After you uncross your arms, are you going to smell your fingers to make sure you wore deodorant today? Just cross your arms like a normal person.


It is completely cliche at this point, but why does ESPN hate WVU and the Big East in football? I know most of them graduated from Big East doormat Syracuse, but that doesn't mean the pundits should take their anger out on the entire conference. If you look at end of the season rankings and BCS bowl victories, the Big East is far superior to the ACC. Any time ESPN talks about a conference losing its BCS bid, however, the first conference mentioned is the Big East. ESPN is much better at creating a story than it is at stating facts.


Has anyone heard that the is SEC is fast? In case you haven't, be prepared for LSU to run fast this Saturday night. The SEC is so fast, The Flash was based on former LSU running back Billy Cannon -- FYI.


I don't know who has a bigger ego, Hollywood starlets or SEC fans. Many of them act friendly, but have this not so hidden air of superiority about them that rubs me the wrong way. Granted, any of you lady SEC fans that want to rub me the wrong way, send me an e-mail.


Everyone should stop cheering for our rivals in the Big East. Sure, it will make us look better if we beat winning teams, but cheering on our rivals is just plain wrong. I know, I just defended the Big East, but it is probably in our best interest for this conference to die and us to move on. Thus, on Thursday night, when Pitt plays Miami, cheer for a meteor before you cheer for Pitt.


Brandon Hogan should not play Saturday at LSU. He was drunk driving down a one way street in the wrong direction. We were all young and stupid once, but when you get caught, you have to pay the consequences. Jock Sanders was suspended almost 6 months after his drunk driving incident. Many coaches do not practice discipline during the season. I hope Bill Stewart is not one of those coaches.