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WVU vs. Maryland Grades: A Unit-By-Unit Look at The Mountaineers' 31-17 Win Against The Terps

Come one, come all to the greatest show on turf. Your Ringmaster for the show is the one and only Bill Stewart. He leads a well balanced attack on offense and a solid pressure oriented defense that confuses even the most talented of QBs. Future opponents should be afraid.  Very afraid.

Well, that is not exactly true, but we looked pretty damn good on Saturday. That is the type of play that I'm sure we could all become accustomed to watching. Hopefully, this was our "breakout game" and will only be a precursor of good things to come.

Enough jibber-jabber, let's get on with the grades...

Offense: A-  I almost feel bad giving this unit an A-, but you can't turn the ball over that many times and expect the highest grade possible.  Our offense could only stop itself the entire game. We moved up and down the field with ease the entire game. Geno Smith is becoming the leader of this team before our very eyes. He gets in guys faces when they screw up and handles pressure like a fifth year senior, rather than a sophomore. If he can lead this team into Death Valley and escape with a win, we have are going to have one hell of a year.

Double Pass: F  After the game, both HCBS and Jeff Mullen took credit the blame for the call. I love trick plays as much as the next guy, but good lord that was poor timing. Granted, if Jock does not under-throw the pass, we have a touchdown and are calling it a great play.

Defense: B+  Other than two plays, the unit played exceptionally well the entire game. They held Maryland to -10 rushing yards and 87 passing yards, not counting the two touchdown passes. Bruce Irvin and the rest of the defensive line played like animals. They pressured the QB, filled running lanes, and disrupted everything Maryland wanted to do. It was one hell of a game from the entire defense, but the defensive line was the cream of the crop.

Special Teams: B  Last year, who would've thought our special teams unit would be considered a strength, rather than a liability, of our team?  We allowed one decent return, but other than that, it was a great day of kick-off coverage. Jock let a punt go through his fingers but made up for it later with a long return. This weekend at LSU, special teams could be the difference in the game and I'm not scared in the least about how ours will perform.

Brandon Hogan: F  The only reason this game was close at all was because Hogan could not act right off the field. It appears he will only be suspended for one game and I don't think I'm OK with that decision. For HCBS, it is hard to keep the moral high ground when other coaches allow guys to play after just about anything. If he plays, I will cheer him on because he is a Mountaineer. If he sits, I will support HCBS and the players decision and live with the possible consequences. 

Coaching: B  HCBS and the rest of the staff was good, but not great.

Students in the 1st Half: A

Students in the 2nd Half: What students?