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What Will Ralph Friedgen Eat Today?

It is cliche and overused at this point to make Ralph Friedgen fat jokes. They are not original or funny these days. That means you won't see any jokes on this blog saying, "Ralph Friedgen is so fat the last time he saw 90210 was on the scale." You also won't read anything to the effect of, "Ralph Friedgen is so fat when they hand him a menu at a restaurant he replies, 'Yes please.'" You certainly won't see me say, "Ralph Friedgen is so fat, when his wife asks for pigs in a blanket, he jumps back in bed."

Nope, we are going to take the high road...or just a different track for making fun of Mr. Friedgen. Through my bevy of sources, I have obtained the food prep list for the Maryland football facility. It contains a staggering array of entrees, drinks, and desserts. It would be easy for me to tell you everything that will be served, but let's have a little fun and play a game. A little game called, "What will Ralph Friedgen eat today?"

Guess away...