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"If You Have Two Quarterbacks, You Actually Have None."

Well, apparently, Maryland has none.

Both Jamarr Robinson and Danny O'Brien have seen time at QB for the Maryland Terrapins, and both have brought good and bad to the table so far this season.  Robinson, the starter, was ineffectual against Navy and only mildly better against lowly Morgan State.  His season stats, passing for a whopping 81 yards in two games, is borderline laughable.  He has, however, run for 128 yards in those games, averaging over 7 yards per carry, so you know there's at least some danger.  Robinson throwing the ball looks only to be a danger to Maryland, not the opponent.

O'Brien, the "better passer" of the two, was inserted into the game late against Navy...and promptly fumbled.  His performance against Morgan State was better, completing 5-10 for 79 yards and three scores, but it was Morgan State. 

Together, they don't look like the type of two-headed monster that can challenge even a depleted Mountaineer secondary.  If anything, the Mountaineer defensive backs and safeties may get a chance to ball hawk and cause a key turnover or two.

Even Maryland fans certainly don't seem to have much confidence in the duo, as a major fracture of opinion exists on who to start, play, or sit (well, except for the guy who compared Robinson to Michael Vick and O'Brien to Tony Romo -- that's a mighty big leap there, sir).

Overall, it may give WVU a chance to "get well" after the Marshall game and gain some confidence back in front of the home fans.  Turn Maryland over early and this game could land comfortably in the win column.  Make Robinson and O'Brien look like Vick and Romo, however, and it could be a long afternoon.