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TSM Coaching Approval Meter (Post-Marshall, 2010)

Yes, it's back, and we picked a helluva week for a reboot.

The Coaching Approval Meter makes its first appearance this year just a little late, namely because I was waiting to see how the embedded poll at the top left of the site worked out. Unfortunately, it's not quite up to the standard I had hoped for (yet, at least). So, we're going to come back to the old stand-by, which is our tried and true poll method.

Just like last year, the question is a simple one: "Do you approve of the job currently being done by Coach Bill Stewart and staff?" It's either a yes or a no, no maybes allowed. There will be a new graphic tracking this year's results, but just know that last year ended at 51% (after the Gator Bowl) and averaged a decent, but unspectacular, 69.1%.

Remember, please expound on your vote in the comments.