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Check Us Out on Facebook, Twitter, Telegraph

If you're new to The Smoking Musket, you're probably so blown away and impressed by the content that you're looking for more ways to easily follow the site.  Well, you're in luck.  Thanks to the miracle that is technology, we're able to provide updates on the website via Facebook, Twitter, and Western Union Telex.  Plus, by following us on Facebook and Twitter, you'll get these gems (posted just today) that aren't available on the website:

Dear WVU football players: I know he probably drives a mid-90s Buick, but Bill Stewart will totally be your sober driver on weekends.

WARNING: this is the coolest link you will click on today. Properly prepare yourself as such.

And if you subscribe to our Telex feed, WVUIE97 will describe, via dots and dashes, each week's Hump Day.  You know how hot Hump Day is normally, just think of the possibilities as you sit in your bloomers trying to imagine those beautiful ladies. Ay dios mio!

So, again, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain (except for lost productivity at work).  You can follow us at:

Facebook: The Smoking Musket


Telex: Listen, I have to end this joke sometime.  This is that point.