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Breaking: Jeremy Johnson Apparently Transferring To Baylor... UPDATE: Maybe Not


You never know with these situations, considering its an 18 year-old likely making a very rash decision, but those words sound pretty definitive.

We all understood that bringing in two very highly rated QBs was always going to be a juggling act, but there's no way a proper judgment can be made in only two weeks, neither by our coaches or Johnson.  In interview after interview, Johnson praised the way the WVU coaches used Pat White, then immediately bolts as he's being used like Pat White.  And speaking of White, while he did get minutes, he was clearly the #2 quarterback as a redshirt freshman.  And I think we're all glad he stuck it out for that season and a half -- obviously, a lot longer than the two weeks Johnson has given his career at WVU.

Someone needs to teach recruits, if it's even possible at this point, that almost no one is an instant star.  It takes years of hard work and perseverance, not running at the first sign of adversity.  I guess Johnson didn't get that.  Luckily, Pat White did.

UPDATE: OK, that didn't last long.


Someone needs to explain to Jeremy the difference between being funny and being a jackass.  At the same time, someone needs to explain to me the benefits of not taking an 18 year old's Facebook page as gospel.

Still, if a joke -- and I have a hard time believing that it was originally meant as such -- it was a very poor one.