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The Shotgun/Throwdown: Friday (7/23/10) Edition

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Welcome, By-Godders, to the Shotgun/Throwdown, WVU's nationally recognized best place for sports links, information, sophomoric humor and daily distractions. We're being brought to you today by Chodovar Beer, in honor of today's Miss Throwdown. And that is actually a beer bath, BTW. Evidently they run a "beer spa." I smell a Euro-Trip coming.

Today is an unofficial video day here at the S/T as there are several embeds and lots of links to them. If any of them aren't working, please leave a comment and I have a couple options for the ones that may not work (I really can't tell if it's the sites or my P.O.S. computer here at work). If you have any tips, suggestions or requests, you can send them to me by email or Tweet me. Enjoy your weekend!!! After the jump is where it all happens...

What You May Have Missed:

Basketball Practice Facility Update - WVMETRONEWS.COM
Photo Gallery

Butler's Knee Undergoes Further Surgery - WVMETRONEWS.COM

34K WVU football season tickets sold: Has led Big East in attendance six straight years - Dominion Post via American Chronicle

Where Are They Now: Jay Henry - WVMETRONEWS.COM

News of Note:

The legend of Finau still lives - Charleston Gazette
It's actually a notebook from Vingle and I'm starting you on Page 2 with actual relevant info regarding others

Immelman to Classic; checking on WVU's Truck - Charleston Gazette
Starting you on Page 2 here, as well

Video: Hope and concern -- West Virginia - ESPN

Key stretch: West Virginia - ESPN

Jenkins leads WVU’s O-line into 2010 - Martinsburg Journal
Mickey's Column

Miller Excited About 2010 - MSNsportsNET.Com

Julian Miller: High Expectations - WVMETRONEWS.COM
Includes video

Sands Impressed With O - MSNsportsNET.Com

Football: Larry Ford (Flip Video) - MSNsportsNET.Com

Football: Chris Neild (Flip Video) - MSNsportsNET.Com

Shawne Alston: Learning From Noel - WVMETRONEWS.COM
Includes video

Mountaineers pushing to regain lofty status - ESPN

Preparing for the Inevitable - MSNsportsNET.Com

Clean Bill of Health: Chad Snodgrass is finally ready to make his return to the field after years of injury -

Snodgrass works his way back - Times West Virginian
Hertzel Column

VIDEO: WVU o-lineman Chad Snodgrass talks about finally being healthy after two years plagued with injury -

Bitancurt eases way back into kicking after foot injury - Charleston Daily Mail

Opponent Preview: Coastal Carolina - WVMETRONEWS.COM

WVU opponent preview: Game 9, Cincinnati - Charleston Gazette

WVU Game 8: Connecticut - Charleston Gazette

No. 11: Pitt, 2009 - MSNsportsNET.Com

No. 10: Cincinnati, 1980 - MSNsportsNET.Com
The video still doesn't work on mine

No. 9: Pitt, 1983 - MSNsportsNET.Com

No. 8: Boston College, 1984 - MSNsportsNET.Com


Stewart landing recruits - Parkersburg News and Sentinel

Shooting guard Ricardo Ledo highlights WVU Hoop Group Jam Fest. - ESPN

Johnson Decision Coming: Parkersburg O-Lineman excited to get recruiting behind him -

Hinds high on West Virginia - Daily Athenaeum coaching survey on dirty college basketball recruiting - ESPN
I wonder if Huggs was one of the twenty surveyed.

Around the League (and Beyond):

2010 Preseason Top 25 -
Pitt I can understand (loathe, but understand)...but UConn? Really?

UC might get another USC WR transfer - Cincinnati Enquirer

Pre-Season Preview: Connecticut Huskies - College Football Zealots
featuring our friends at The UConn Blog

The BC-UConn spat over negative recruiting - On the Banks

Fans invited to meet Louisville football team on Aug. 15 - Courier-Journal

New Uni's at UL? - Card Chronicle

New Syracuse Football Jersey Sneak Peak - White Jersey - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
Does any school in the country change uni's more than Syracuse (both FB and BB)?

Violations, Dismissals & Infractions: Syracuse's 2010 Schedule - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician

2010 Season Preview: Quarterbacks - On the Banks

Flourishing Five No. 5: Pitt committed to hoops excellence -

Pitt DE Sheard's arrest is 'out of character' - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Show Me Something: Evan Landi - Voodoo Five

RB Scott: USF visit was 'great' - St. Petersburg Times

JT3 Believes The Hoyas Will Be Better Next Year Than This Year - Casual Hoya

College Football Mailbag - Stewart Mandel -

Pat Haden to replace Mike Garrett as USC athletic director; school to return Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy - ESPN Los Angeles

USC's attempt to please NCAA could be trouble for Lane Kiffin -

Report: NCAA investigating multiple South Beach trips - ESPN

North Carolina coach Butch Davis says NCAA probe was a surprise -
Isn't it always? (tongue firmly in cheek)

Alabama says Mark Ingram covered bases with NCAA before May trip -

NCAA to visit Georgia in expanding agent probe -

Alabama's Dareus under investigation - ESPN
Which school is next? Kentucky BB? Yeah, riiiiiigggghhhhtttt.

Nick Saban, NCAA don't have power of NFLPA to stop agents -
Only two groups can make a dent: the NFLPA and actual law enforcement bodies

Pimps? Really, Nick? What Are Quick Buck Coaches? - NCAAFB FanHouse.

Agents not doing NCAA any favors - Times West Virginian
Hertzel Column

What's On Tap:

Mountaineer Football Fan Day - MSNsportsNET.Com
Sunday, Aug. 22, 2010 • 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. • Caperton Indoor Facility

Videos of Interest:

Videos of (Dis)Interest:

Male Chauvinism Video of the Week:

Useful Product of the Week:

...and for those of us who had the (mis?)fortune to grow up in the 80's and early 90's listening to both of these:

Sick Wheels Gallery of the Week:

We're gonna take a short break from the usual debauchery here. I can't believe there's none of my Italians listed.

Micro-Mini Gallery of the Week:

Quick enough for ya? Now, back to your regularly scheduled debauchery.

Miss Throwdown:

Today's Miss Throwdown is a Czech model who's done work for many famous magazines and catalogs, namely, Vogue and Vicky's. Here's 6 pages of Linda Vojtova.

Chodovar images via and respectively.