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Quotes We Hope To Hear This Year

I've never been very good at predicting the future but I am fairly certain that we will hear some or all of these quotes at some point during the upcoming football season.

Keith Tandy: Yo I didn't mean to decapitate Armon Binns but when you come into The Tandy's zone, you are gonna get got.

Robert Sands: I don't make tackles, I take souls.

Tyler Bitancurt: We have been so bad at kick coverage that I figured I would just kick it out of the endzone every time. It seems to work pretty well.

Doc Holliday: I just want to thank the good lord above that Joe is running for the Senate and won't make WVU play us every year. We can't take any more ass-whoopings from West Virginia.

Geno Smith: As you can tell from my 4 TD's, I wasn't bother by the crowd at all. How many people does this stadium hold? 93,000. Really? It is louder at Bent Willey's on a Tuesday night.

Dave Wannstedt: We just gotta run faster.

Noel Devine: I couldn't of done it without my offensive linemen and the support of all the Mountaineer fans. The Heisman may not be as shiny as my grill but it is blingin'.

Bill Stewart: The lads played some great football today. They played for the state of West Virginia and Mountaineer fans everywhere. The people of West Virginia are more accustom to gritty black coal but I would say they will embrace this crystal football.

Tevita Finau: Hey guys, I still have one more year of eligibility remaining.

Jason Gwaltney: Don't forget about me!