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The Shotgun/Throwdown: Tuesday (5/11/10) Edition

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Welcome, By-Godders, to the Shotgun/Throwdown, WVU's nationally recognized best place for sports links, information, sophomoric humor and daily distractions. We're being brought to you today by Camerons Strong Arm Ruby Red Ale, in honor of today's Miss Throwdown.

Conference expansion talk is again the big news of the day. Plenty of denials are going around, but, as they say, where there's smoke... If you have any tips, suggestions or requests, you can send them to me by email or Tweet me. Enjoy your Tuesday. Time to jump...

What You May Have Missed:

Gold and Blue Report for Tuesday - WVMETRONEWS.COM

Post-spring Top 25: Broncos in perfect position to buck establishment -

College Basketball Power Rankings -

Track: Mountaineers Qualify for Regionals - MSNsportsNET.Com

Baseball: Buckner Receives Two Honors - MSNsportsNET.Com

News of Note:

WVU's Ebanks, Butler closely scrutinized prior to NBA Draft - Charleston Daily Mail

Butler, Smith Talk about Future - WVNS-TV

Lindamood Uses Faith to Succeed: WVU fullback finds home on the field and with FCA -

No more black eyes from wearing eye black - Charleston Gazette

WVU vs. Texas in Arizona? - Parkersburg News and Sentinel

Around the League (and Beyond):

Big East should brace itself for a potential raid -

Ask CFN: Making sense of expansion talk - FOX Sports on MSN

Report on Big Ten Expansion Gains Plenty of Denials - NCAAFB FanHouse

Reports of Big Ten expansion offers denied - Sporting News

Rutgers one of four schools targeted by Big Ten conference, according to report - Star Ledger

How will the Big 10 Expansion news affect the Big East and what should they do? - Card Chronicle

Chipotle Will Stop At Nothing To Destroy Syracuse Athletics From Within - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
Destroying the Cuse and being delicious at the same time? Go Chipotle!!!

Viva Brasilia! Bulls To Represent USA In Pan-American University Championships - Voodoo Five

NBA: Top 5 UC Players - Cincinnati Enquirer

ACC needs an expansion plan–right now - Atlanta Journal Constitution

ACC Commish Swofford Believes Conference Is 'Solid as 12' - NCAAFB FanHouse
Methinks somebody's pants are on fire

Around the World: Bernard James Goes From Iraq to Florida State Basketball - NCAABB FanHouse

Is Kentucky's Recruiting Too Good to Win Titles? - Sporting News

NAIA player dies of injury from spring game - ESPN

Cal Will Play 2011 Home Games In Giants Ballpark - NCAAFB FanHouse

Video of Interest:

I can't remember if I've posted this one before or not, but I just found it (again?).

Video of (Dis)Interest:

Hot Girls Fishing Gallery of the Week:

Miss Throwdown:

Today's Miss Throwdown is another British Page 3 girl. It's kinda hard finding SFW galleries of these girls sometimes. But have no fear, this one is definitely safe (unfortunately?). Here's Rosie Jones.

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