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College Football Talk Hates WVU

John Taylor of College Football Talk wrote a seemingly innocent article on WVU granting Deon Long a conditional release from his scholarship. It was a seemingly innocent article until the last two sentences. That is when he runs off the rails and, in my humble opinion, calls us white redneck racists that are unwelcoming to black athletes. Here is the quote:

As for why he left WVU so abruptly, Long says that Morgantown left him feeling out of place socially. Hmmm, whatever could the young man mean by that...

Well, this guy is either completely ignorant or he is a Maryland fan. Oh wait, same difference. He is your typical journalist that has never set foot in Morgantown or the state of West Virginia and casts judgment based on false hearsay. Journalists such as Mr. Taylor, continue to perpetuate the myths that West Virgina is a backwards state filled with racists. I honestly do not know where they come up with this kind of trash.

I know people are growing tired of hearing, "This journalist is unfair and does not like us, let's get him." However, instances such as this, are different from ESPN not mentioning us during some segment on college football. This is a "journalist" painting a picture that West Virgina is unwelcoming to blacks.

Sure, our state is predominantly white but we don't fly the Confederate Flag outside of our capitol building, like some other states in the south. We don't declare that April is Confederate History Month and leave out the little fact of slavery. We are a kind and welcoming people, that treat our athletes like rockstars, unless they miss a couple kicks or fumble after not being touched.

Look at some of our recent WVU idols, Patrick White, Da'Sean Butler and Steve Slaton. Not to mention some Mountaineer idols from my childhood, Major Harris, Chris Brooks and Jarrod West.

Some may think I am overreacting but it is little jabs, such as this by Mr. Taylor, that paint a negative picture of West Virginia. I love this state and my school. When someone unfairly attacks either, I will stand up and defend both.

Alright, I'm getting off my high horse besides, John Flowers thinks West Virginians are, "So Icey" and that is all I need.

As for why Mr. Taylor ended his article with a not so veiled reference that West Virginians hate black people, Mr. Taylor is an ignorant slut. Hmmm, whatever I mean by that...