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Lace'em Up, Chuck'em Off: The Mountaineers Are Playing With My Emotions

Generally, I am a fairly happy guy, not much can get me down. As many of you know, however, when I am watching or discussing the Mountaineers, I become as emotionally unstable as a 15 year old girl. You unfairly attack a coach or player, I'm going to chuck my shoe at your face. If you praise our players and coaches, I'm going to lace up my shoes and fall in line behind you.

Normally in this space, I write about things that made me want to throw my shoe but this team continues to make me smile. No need to grab a puke bucket because I'm not going overboard on my happiness. I did crush a can on my head during the Mizzou game, so I have some anger to vent about.

Happiness and anger after the jump...

Lace'em Up


The praise WVU and CBH are getting in the national media is great but I am not accustom to it yet. In fact, it makes me uncomfortable. I like it when people doubt us and get us angry. I love West Virginia's role as the tough and gritty underdog but I could definitely get use to being seen as a great team.


John Flowers is the greatest entertainer in WVU sports history. His antics on and off the court keep this team loose but he also brings an energy and enthusiasm that make us play harder. I don't know about the rest of you, but I think it is his presence on the roster has helped us gel as a team. We lacked camaraderie at the start of season but we are playing as one now.


I love this team. I love how tough they are on defense. I love how they crash boards and fight for every rebound. I love how they get on the floor, to dive for loose balls. I love how they want every call. I love the fact that this team now understands how much they mean to this state. They know that every TV throughout the mountains and valleys of West Virginia will be resounding with the sights and sounds of gold and blue basketball on Thursday night. I love them for the team that they want to be and I love them for the team they almost are, I love them in the most manly way possible.


Chuck'em Off


Deadspin calling the video of Joe, Da'Sean and Johnny worse than a sex tape is funny, considering the stories on that blog are worse than what Perez Hilton covers. I remember when the guys over there had a sense of humor and put on their pants one leg at a time. Now they wear those fancy pants without any legs. Oh wait, those are called skirts, my bad. They need to loosen up and remember what it was like to be 21 years old again. Hell, they also need to remember what it was like to write good stories.


Truck Bryant breaking his foot is typical of WVU's luck in these situations. We are on our way to beating Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl, late hit and Major is injured. We are on our way to playing tOSU in the BCS title game, Pat White gets injured and our coach has one foot out the door. However, this injury happened at a time that allows it to become a rallying point for this team. Let's win it for Truck and the state of West Virginia.


This team is still one of the most frustrating teams in WVU history. We have so much talent and play such intense defense, that our guys often forget that you have to score to win the game. At this point, you would think every WVU fan would be ready for 10 minute stretches without a bucket. But NOOOOO, we still think this team has the ability to score at will, which leads some of us to smash cans against our heads. Some of us will never learn.

This team has sent me on an emotional roller coaster all season. Pre-season I thought we would be world beaters and easily make it to the Final Four. Mid-season, I thought there was no way we could make it past the Sweet 16. Now, I think we have a legitimate shot at the national title. I don't even want to talk about anything beyond Washington for fear of a jinx, so let me finish by saying...Let's GOOOO Mountaineers!!